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Containment Blasting

Negative air containment—whether a purpose built blast house or the sealing of a room—to keep media drift to a minimum along with our heavy-duty negative air equipment means Absolute Blast can deal with almost every contingency and give our customer the best job to their satisfaction. Wet blasting, steam cleaning or using our GeoBlast units are also available in the right situation.

Confined Spaces

When it comes to confined space blasting, keeping everyone safe is our main concern, and having trained, licensed, and skilled operators are our key to success which gives our customers the Absolute Blast advantage.

Vapor Blasting

The gentle wet-abrasive blasting GeoBlaster technology is far superior to standard wet blasting. The system regulates pressure, water and gives a choice of soft abrasive materials to offer a minimal impact. Minimal media means little cleanup. Much faster than other types of soft cleaning involving stone and brick, it is especially effective on large projects. Trained Absolute Blast crews are well versed in GeoBlaster techniques which have proven to be a safe and effective tool for the restoration of historic buildings.

Historic Restoration

With pure steam paint removal and Vapour Abrasive Blasting we are able to deal with most challenges in the field of Historic Restorations without abrasives or chemicals as the situation warrants.

As a founding member of the Historic Facade Restoration Guild, we are proponents of the saving and restoration of our built heritage.

Lead Paint Abatement

New neutralizing strippers have turned lead paint removal on its head and Absolute Blast Corp crews have become leaders in removing lead paint with these. These mean huge cost savings for our customers.

Also we are leaders in standard lead containment blasting methods and the safety precautions involved to suit the situation.

Marine and Riparian

Marine GeoBlaster wet abrasive blasting and painting services to commercial vessels and riparian sites. Standard wet blasting, dry blasting and steam blasting also available.

Steam Blasting

No abrasives, no chemicals just HOT STEAM especially designed to remove graffiti and paint from historic brick buildings etc. and which has proven effective for tar splatter, mould and soot. Completely portable units to accommodate every situation.

Soda Blasting

Besides using standard medias of crushed granite, garnet, or glass, we are also equipped to work with walnut shell, glass bead, and sodium bicarbonate for more specialized work. Absolute Blast Corp. has the equipment and experience to get your job done quickly and properly whether wet blasting or contained blasting.

Turbine Blasting

Turbine wet glass bead cleaning plus specializing in Electrostatic Precipators units using the gentle but effective GeoBlaster wet abrasive blasting system.

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